Friday, August 23, 2002

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Undocumented Query Methods in ColdFusion MX
I found some undocumented methods that you can perform on a query by using Java Reflection. The methods are summarized here:
void query.first() - jump to the beginning of a query
void query.last() - jump to the last value in a query
boolean query.isFirst() - true if we are looking at the first row
boolean query.isLast() - true if we are looking at the last row
boolean - jump to the next row
boolean query.previous() - jump to the previous row
int findColumn(String name) - get the id of a column by name
void sort(int columnId, boolean ascending) - sort by a column
int getColumnCount() - returns the number of columns
String getColumnTypeName(int columnId) - gets the data type of a column,
	this one didn't work properly when I tested it, it would return
	NUMERIC for a field that was a varchar. There is a method called
	guessColumnType that was probably used to determine it, it guessed wrong.

I have put together a web site called ColdFusion MX Un-Documentation that has some examples of how to use these features.

Sunday, August 18, 2002

Bea J-Rocket JVM was designed specifically for server applications. Jon Hall posted this to the CF-Talk mailing list with some impressive execution times when plugged into ColdFusion MX. I'm going to give it a try...