Monday, October 14, 2002

How to make ColdFusion MX go to sleep
Many people have had the need for a ColdFusion page to sleep, typically between iterations of a loop. There is a tag called CFX_Sleep in the Tag Gallery, but in ColdFusion MX you don't need a CFX tag to make the current processing thread sleep using the static sleep method on the java.lang.Thread class, part of the standard java platform. Because CFMX doesn't allow us to call a static method without an object reference, we have to first use CreateObject, or CFOBJECT to get an instance of a java.lang.Thread object. We then call the Thread.sleep(long) method, which takes in the number of miliseconds to sleep for.
<cfset thread = CreateObject("java", "java.lang.Thread")>
About to sleep for 5 seconds...<cfflush>
<cfset thread.sleep(5000)>
Done sleeping.