Friday, January 31, 2003

FTP Scripts on windows
I found this Microsoft KB article today 96269 which shows you how to use the ftp program that comes with all versions of windows an automate a file transfer.
ftp -s:script.txt
The contents of script.txt might look like this:
cd /files
This is handy for administration between servers, but keep in mind that FTP sends passwords in clear text.

Monday, January 13, 2003

CFMX works on Redhat 8
I am subscribed to the CF-Linux list hosted at and I see a lot of people having problems installing CFMX on linux. Especially on Redhat 7.3. Macromedia has said that there were problems related to Java in RedHat 7.3 and urged customers to use RedHat 7.2.

Today I installed CFMX on RedHat 8.0 after running redhat's up2date utility (similar to windows update), and everything went fine. I wasn't sure if it would work because of what I have heard, so I figured I would post some positive results in case anyone is wondering. Keep in mind that I haven't tested all the features of CFMX like verity, etc.

ColdFusion 5 on Windows .NET Enterprise Server RC1
I tried installing CF5 a the release candidate of Microsoft's next server platform .NET Server, the results - negative. Ofcourse my first hint should have been when I first ran setup.exe it told me I was attempting to install ColdFusion on an unrecognized version of windows. I clicked continue anyways, and the install seamed to go smooth. I had to pick "Other Web Server" because IIS 6 wasn't detected (I planned to use apache). After rebooting I received numerous popup windows with the message:
Event Type:	Information
Event Source:	Application Popup
Event Category:	None
Event ID:	26
Date:		1/13/2003
Time:		1:02:12 PM
User:		N/A
Application popup: wsm.exe - Unable To Locate Component : 
This application has failed to start because WINSTRM.dll was not found. 
Re-installing the application may fix this problem. 

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
After stopping ColdFusion services the popups stopped. I will work on this some more, but if you have gotten ColdFusion 5 to work on .NET server let me know. I also plan to try installing CFMX on it. I'll post the results when I do.